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  • Year - 2013
  • The accelerated technological development of the last decades has resulted in widespread use of the projector in lectures at conferences, higher education institutions and schools (smart classrooms)
  • Create a useful application to be used by teaching assistants for checking students' homework. How? Scan a hand written ID number and recognize it from a list of ID’s.
  • Nowadays, there is a significant need in the interaction between man and electronic devices, especially computers, by gestures, without actually touch the screen.
  • In this project, We used an open source software, Particularly Open CV library, under software development kit (SDK) of a mobile operation system platform to develop a reliable application.
  • Table Tennis is a popular game. This project suggests a way to analyze the match using Kinect camera. During the project an algorithm was developed which get an input video of the table tennis match, tracking the ball and the player, identifies the bounds of the table and classify every stroke if it is a Backhand ot Forehand stroke. In addition the algorithm recognizes the time of the ball impact...
  • RAPID (Real-time Attitude and Position Determination) is a real-time model-based tracking algorithm. By being such, we assume that the model is a known & a predefined 3D object.
  • Taking a picture can be considered as sampling the photographed space in two dimensions. Low-resolution (large sampling intervals and blur)
  • The purpose of this project is to build an interactive tour in VISL that will be displayed in a public area (in the hallway of the laboratory or in open days, etc.).
  • In our project we have implemented the PTAM (Parallel Tracking and Mapping) Algorithm on a commercial AR.Drone Quadcopter for the purposes of orientation and automatic navigation
  • Year - 2012
  • The problem of gaze detection has received a huge amount of attention in the past decade. Wide variety of commercial products are already available in the market
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  • This project presents a software tool for slideshow presentation control. The Kinect camera was originally designed for the interactive game console – Xbox.
  • The issue of object recognition has always been a major issue in the field of computer vision. The following project deals with the problem in a simplified yet effective method.
  • Medical Imaging is a basic building block of modern medicine used to diagnose risks, there are several medical imaging methods, however each type of imaging has its own unique problems.
  • In recent years there has been improvement in robotics field, nevertheless, there is no practical solution for human-robot interface. Integration of robots in everyday life may help in many areas
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