• The majority of car accidents which involve pedestrians occur due to Moving violations cause by the driver, therefor our main goal in this project was to detect pedestrians near pedestrian crossings in low visibility conditions in order to alert drivers.
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  • Millions of pedestrians spend time every day waiting for the green light to cross a crosswalk. In a typical traffic light, the period is fixed Adjusting the traffic-light period dynamically can decrease waiting time.
  • ThermTrack is an Android application that enables to track objects with a low-cost thermal camera of type Thermapp according to temperature range and basic image features. Image processing features like blob detection and object area, circularity, convexity etc. were taken from OpenCV libraries. The original goal was tracking pedestrians, pedestrian tracking can be utilized by the operator by choosing suitable parameters of the available features. The development was done using...
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  • Traffic collision cost the life of hundreds per year, if you do not include the wounded. There are many roads which not contain traffic lights, despite considered dangerous for pedestrian. The main goal of this project is to develop a real-time system which warns when pedestrian approach or crossing the road, moreover we tried to implement the system on portable device in order to be stationed in junctions with no...
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